A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android


A clicker game requiring speed, accuracy and concentration.

This game was created as a tutorial for Castle Game Engine (castle-engine.io). The tutorial text and source code will be available in several days.

About the game

In this game you have to click the buttons on screen.

Each button has a growing score - clicking the button adds this score to your total score.

However, if the button grows to score 999 - it's Game Over!

Each button starts without a score - avoid clicking such buttons, as it will increase the game pace.

Get as many points as you can and earn achievements!

Good luck and have fun!


Created in Castle Game Engine (castle-engine.io).

Featuring music by Alexandr Zhelanov (soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov) and Matthew Pablo (www.matthewpablo.com).

Sounds by johnthewizar, Kenney, newagesoup and unfa.

Fonts by HolyBlackCat and Karen B. Jones.

Graphics by pzUH and Charles Rondeau.

Install instructions

Windows: No installation required - just extract the game to one folder and play.

Linux: No installation required - just extract the game to one folder and play. You may need to set executable flag for the binary. Refer to README.md in case of issues.

Android: Download and install the APK. (Note: Android version is Beta)


ButtonClickerGame-1.1.0-android-arm.apk 11 MB
ButtonClickerGame-1.1.0-win32-i386.zip 10 MB
ButtonClickerGame-1.1.0-win64-x86_64.zip 10 MB
ButtonClickerGame-1.1.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 10 MB

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