Version 2.0.738 - Bugfixes

A few bugfixes and minor improvements:

  • Fix problems with passing through wall for Lizzy on mobile platform
  • Fix bullets sometimes missing enemies if those are too close for Deery and Lizzy
  • Fix bullets tails sometimes extend behind the character
  • Reset UI position for Options and Credits


foxy-misfortunes-2.0.738-android-release.apk 47 MB
Jan 13, 2022
foxy-misfortunes-2.0.738-linux-x86_64.deb 41 MB
Jan 13, 2022
foxy-misfortunes-2.0.738-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 43 MB
Jan 13, 2022 43 MB
Jan 13, 2022 43 MB
Jan 13, 2022

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What happend to you, are you ok?

Yeah :) But no more significant updates to this game are planned. There are still a few bugs remaining to be fixed, but those are “on the Engine side” so it’s not as quick.

Meanwhile I’ve tried to continue working on Piratess in Distress game, which is already like half a year in development, but didn’t manage to get the art properly and if I need 150-300 hours for the art only, it’s very likely any prototype won’t be available anywhere soon, maybe I will even have to abandon the project altogether.

So, meanwhile I’ve decided to join Strawberry Jam, hopefully I’ll be able to make a prototype of something more gameplay-oriented, that would require much less graphic work. I think of a roguelike-like, codenamed Rogues-and-Ropes for now. Starting tomorrow :D


okey! I'm happy that you're ok


Good job!!!!!

Thank you! :)