Version 2.1.823 - Skins have unique bullets

This update adds one big feature: now all the data for the game is read from XML files. This means that on Desktop you can easily change a lot of things inside of the game - or in other words, mod it. Such as change characters parameters, descriptions or even add new characters or change images for the previous ones, add monsters and powerups variants relatively easily.

Another smaller change is that the bullets for every skin are now “individual”. Not only they look differently, but bullets for “better skins” are usually a bit better - fly faster, make larger explosions, etc. Not significantly, but hopefully noticeable.

There are a few more small changes planned in the nearest future.


  • Most of game data is now read from XML - much easier to extend game data and also ability to mod the game without recompiling it :D
  • Upgrade game texture to 1024x2048
  • All skins now have unique bullets
  • Bullets for unlocked skins are progressively a bit better (flying faster or larger explosion radius)
  • More order in tileset organization
  • Less intrusive crown icon on high score box
  • Other minor fixes/changes


foxy-misfortunes-2.1.823-android-release.apk 47 MB
Jun 14, 2022
foxy-misfortunes-2.1.823-linux-x86_64.deb 41 MB
Jun 14, 2022
foxy-misfortunes-2.1.823-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 43 MB
Jun 14, 2022 43 MB
Jun 14, 2022

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